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Our Goal: Diagnose and treat skin concerns with precision and efficiency

Our talented prescribers and pharmaceutical scientists are supported by advanced AI technology

About Us

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Our story begins over a decade and half ago when we began innovating, formulating and manufacturing personalised medicines for the NHS. Over the years, we have forged close co-development collaborations with leading NHS Trusts and Universities harnessed by Government awards to bring to patients hi-tech personalised medicines.

A note from us at MiQuest

We have been developing, manufacturing and supplying personalised medicines for over 30 years to the NHS. Our experience over the years has made us aware of so many of you out there that are desperate to access high quality, affordable healthcare for your skin conditions and are struggling due to lengthy waiting times; with dermatology conditions being a low priority.

We always knew that we had the right experience to find a solution, but we wanted to bring to you something truly special that works and is not just a ‘personalised’ skin gimmick.

It was over our company team building exercise that we realised the missing piece – AI technology. AI technology combined with our expertise in developing and manufacturing bespoke medicines would give our prescribers powerful tools to diagnose and prescribe truly personalised medicines that work.

Between us we have over 50 years of pharmaceutical and digital research experience. We have brought together some of the brightest, out of the box thinking people in the industry.

About Us

Nothing’s worked or cannot get to see a dermatologist?

We’ve got together some of the brightest AI and pharmaceutical formulation scientists in the country to help our talented prescribing team to truly customise your skin prescription.

Our vision is simple: To empower our prescribing team with our state-of-the-art AI technology combined with tailor-made smart pharmaceutical formulations so that we can truly personalise your skin prescription, affordable to you.

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"The mission of MiQuest is to exploit AI to its advantage so that skin diagnosis and treatments can be customised for patients at an affordable price."


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AI-Empowered Dermatology, Personalised For You.

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