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The MiQuest Routine

AM Routine

In the morning, very few people have time to work through an extensive skincare regime. That’s why we’ve kept things straightforward and simple with our MiQuest skin management plan. It’s just three steps - but each one is reliant on the other so don’t be tempted to skip a step.

  1. First, give your skin a thorough cleanse with your MiQuest cleanser.
  2. Next, take time to moisturise - even oily or combination skin needs to be moisturised.
  3. Now your skin is prepped and ready for the day, it’s time to apply your MiQuest SPF.

So many people fail to apply sufficient SPF and it’s hugely important if you want to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. SPF should be applied all year round - whatever your skin type.

PM Routine

Your evening MiQuest routine is much the same as your morning version.

  1. First, give your skin a thorough cleanse with your MiQuest Cleanser.
  2. Next, apply your Q-Stick and wait 10 minutes before you use the moisturiser.
  3. Lastly, take time to moisturise – even oily or combination skin needs o be moisturised.

The Q-Stick is the product that contains all the personalised active ingredients that have been formulated to treat your specific skincare concern. So whether it’s tretinoin for acne, or hydroquinone for pigmentation, your Q-Stick is where it’s at.

Even if you’re short on time, you’ll get the best results from your treatment if you take time to cleanse and moisturise before applying your Q-Stick. Cleansing and moisturising enables your skin to be in the best condition to soak up all of the vital active ingredients in your Q-Stick. It doesn’t take long and when you see your skin health improving, you’ll be grateful you gave it that extra TLC.

Prescriber Consultation & AI Skin Analysis

Our prescribers will use their clinical expertise assisted by advanced AI skin analysis tool to accurately diagnose and customise a prescription just for you.

Custom Prescription Formula

Our formulation scientists will uniquely formulate a customised prescription using a blend of active ingredients to achieve your skin goals.

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Your Personalised Routine Delivered

Receive your personalised skin treatment every month and track your skins progress. As your skin changes, so does the prescription. We provide ongoing support and regularly check-in.

what's included?

When Skin meets AI

Get ready to embrace personalised skincare, crafted using the power of expert dermatologists and groundbreaking advances in AI technology.

At MiQuest, we’ve armed our clinicians with the power of AI. And we’ve done this because we know that AI delivers when it comes to results. In research, AI has proved itself to outperform human experts in the diagnosis of skin disorders such as skin cancer.  So we knew it could be used for other skin conditions too.

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AI uses high levels of attention to detail, along with recollection of learned patterns of change, to assess and diagnose. By using AI, MiQuest clinicians have an enhanced diagnostic prowess, while our formulation scientists benefit from a more efficient system of delivering personalised formulations.

From acne and rosacea, to anti-ageing and pigmentation - we treat a vast range of common skin concerns at MiQuest. And with our forward-thinking approach, we’re always one step ahead. By combining human dermatology expertise and AI technology, we increase our accuracy in your diagnosis, deliver faster diagnosis times, and process large volumes of data efficiently.

Harnessing AI in this way, means our clinicians are always available to consult with new patients and provide ongoing support as and when needed. Each and every one of our skincare formulations is made for you and will work just for you. Subscribe to MiQuest and discover the next step forward in specialised skincare.

Consultation process - MiQuest

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MiQuests customised prescription?

The MiQuest (Q-Stick) customised prescription is a medicinal product that’s made specifically for your skin type and concern. It is produced based on your individual skin concern analysed by our prescribers, pharmacists and formulation scientists with the help of AI technology.

How long does it take to receive my treatment?

After you have completed the MiQuest analysis and consultation and our in-house team of prescribers, pharmacists and scientists have prepared your prescription, we will send your treatment out for delivery. The entire process initially takes up to 48 hours, and every month your treatment will be delivered on the same date.

Can I contact someone at MiQuest with questions about my treatment?

Yes, we have a dedicated Help Centre and once subscribed, you will have access to access direct support from our expert team. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Still have questions?

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