Conquering Acne with Personalised Skincare

October 23, 2023
6 mins read
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If you’re suffering from acne, you might feel like you’re the only person in the world dealing with this annoying, self-esteem-destroying skin condition - but you’re not.  

According to the NHS, approximately 95% of people aged 11-30 experience acne to a certain extent. It’s a super-common skin concern and ranges from mild to severe.  

You might just get the odd few whiteheads, or a smattering of annoying hard-to-rid blackheads, or you may find you’re dealing with angry, red, painful spots that feel almost like cysts. However bad your skin is though, there’s an acne skincare routine to tackle your situation head on.

In this article, we’ll explore how a personalised acne skincare routine could be the secret to setting your skin free of annoying acne.

Understanding Acne

Acne isn’t just a one-size-fits-all problem. In fact, there are four common types of acne that could rear their ugly heads and set your skin in turmoil. They are -

  1. Whiteheads – caused by a build-up of sebum in the skin’s pores
  2. Blackheads – if a hair follicle becomes clogged up with dirt and debris a blackhead can form
  3. Cystic acne – the biggest, most painful, and deepest form of acne. Often caused by a hormonal imbalance. Pustules can turn into cystic acne if untreated
  4. Pustules – can look like enlarged whiteheads but are bigger and more inflamed

What Causes Acne?

Acne is mainly caused when an excess of sebum is produced in the skin. On its own, this isn’t a problem as sebum is produced by sebaceous glands to help keep your skin and hair nicely moisturised.  

The issue occurs when too much sebum is produced and then mixes with bits of dead skin to clog up your hair follicles. Add bacteria that lives on the skin into the melting pot, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for everything you don’t want: acne, inflamed skin, and a case of low self-esteem thanks to a skin flare up.

Acne and Emotions

People who don’t experience acne can never understand the emotional toll acne can have. Blemish-free skin is a blessing and one that should be cherished – as (bad news) you might not always have it. Acne can harm a person’s self-image, confidence, and could lead to low mood and self-esteem.  

If you look in the mirror and you’re not happy with the face staring back at you, you might find yourself wanting to hide, avoiding social interaction, stopping doing things that actually – deep down – you'd really love to be doing. When this happens, acne can even lead to depression and anxiety.

Effective Acne Management

Whether it’s acnes face cream, acne laser treatment, or trying out an acne-friendly diet, the importance of finding the right acne skincare routine that works for you is paramount.

Acne with Personalised Skincare Treatment

At MiQuest, we understand the unique challenges each individual faces when it comes to acne. That’s why we offer personalised skincare solutions that effectively address acne-related issues so that you can enjoy clearer skin and a more confident outlook.

When you choose a personalised skincare routine with MiQuest, you’re signing up to a skincare experience that’s designed and tailored uniquely to your skin. There’s no off-the-shelf acne removal cream when you choose us. No generic acne face cream or foaming exfoliating wash that promise the world and deliver nothing. With MiQuest, you’ll enjoy personalised skincare that treats your own specific acne issues and works to prevent acne breakouts from occurring in the future.

But why should you choose us? It’s simple. Using AI scanning technology, our skincare scientists analyse your skin to formulate a customised prescription that works to target you skin concerns the best way possible. Specially selected active ingredients are packed into your personalised MiQuest skincare routine which you then follow, every day, morning and night.

Customised Ingredients for Acne

Our acne removal cream is formulated using the very best acne-busting ingredients around. Depending on your skin, the severity of your acne, and what our scientists deem most suitable for you, your MiQuest personalised routine for acne may contain -

  • Azelaic acid – reduces inflammation, fights acne-causing bacteria, evens out skin tone
  • Clindamycin – an antibiotic that destroys acne-causing bacteria
  • Metronidazole – a prescription medication that treats bacterial and parasitic infections. Often used for acne and rosacea
  • Niacinamide – a type of vitamin B3 that promotes skin barrier health, reduces inflammation, and helps to keep acne at bay
  • Tretinoin – a topical retinoid that boosts skin cell turnover and is common in the treatment of acne

As you get used to using your MiQuest personalised acne skincare you’ll soon discover just how easy it is to fit it into your daily routine. With just three products to use each morning and evening, you’ll never get in a muddle as to which one to use first as each product is clearly labelled.  

In the morning and evening you cleanse, then moisture. Then, the third step in the morning is to apply your MiQuest SPF, while in the evening, your third step is to apply your Q-Stick. The Q-Stick is the product that’s packed full of your personalised formulation. See? It couldn’t be easier!

What’s more, as you progress along on your MiQuest journey, you’ll enjoy check-ins with the team to see how your skincare routine is working out for you. This means that, if needed, our specialists can adapt your products to your changing skin needs. There’s no other personalised skincare routine quite like it!

Try MiQuest and Beat Acne

We know acne is so much more than just an angry red spot or two. We know it can hang around for years, only to disappear and then come back again for seemingly no obvious reason a while later. To say acne is annoying is an understatement. So don’t just put up with acne and stay being miserable - arm yourself with a skincare routine that’s been designed just for you.  

Take a look at MiQuest’s personalised skincare solutions, and sign up for early access. If you’re keen to stay up to date with our news and latest offers, subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of our homepage) and you’ll be the first to hear about all things MiQuest.

Join us and take the first step towards beating acne.

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