Monthly Skincare Evolution: Adapting With Your Changing Skin

November 24, 2023
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It should come as no surprise to you that skin changes. As we age - so does our skin. As we transition through the seasons - so does our skin. As we face environmental challenges - our skin does too. That’s why skincare doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all approach. To allow our skin to thrive, we need to help it on its way depending on the different obstacles it faces.

In this article, we will talk about the ways you can optimise your skincare habits in order to achieve your best skin yet. From seasonal skincare to aging and skincare - we’ll help you understand how an adaptive skincare routine is your new secret weapon when it comes to skin health. So let’s begin…

Skin Changes: The Facts

So, how does our skin change?  

The main way our skin changes is due to age. As we age, our skin loses fat, and becomes thinner. The production of collagen and elastane decreases and the first signs of ageing - fine lines and wrinkles - appear. Older skin takes longer to heal when damaged, and may also change in skin tone due to overexposure to the sun. Here’s the stages of skin health through life transitions:  

  • In your 20s: skin is still youthful but the first signs of dullness or tiredness may be creeping in. In fact, research has shown that in this decade your skin’s ability to exfoliate decreases by 28% which means dead skin cells will be hanging around longer
  • In your 30s: you may start to see the first real signs of ageing with fine lines or pigmentation as a result of sun damage. Skin may begin to look thinner
  • In your 40s: this is when most people notice their skin ageing. Volume and skin laxity can cause your appearance to sag, dullness can creep in, and fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced
  • In your 50s: decreased oestrogen and increased androgens from being postmenopausal can take a toll on your skin. Dryness, loss of volume, pigmentation problems and even acne can make an appearance
  • In your 60s+: skin can become much looser, skin growths can appear, and pigmentation marks can develop

Seasons and The Environment

Ageing skin isn’t all we have to contend with - there’s also the environmental impact on skin and the changing weather we all experience throughout the years. When it comes to the seasons, your skin has to endure cold, harsh winters that can take a toll on its moisture content, while balmy summers mean excess oil production is on the cards.

As for environmental factors, what you might not even think about could well be causing some discomfort to your skin. For instance, moving from air-conditioned rooms to humid outdoor weather can affect your skin, while pollution from inner city living/working can also take its toll. Here’s what you can do to help your skin depending on your environment:

Urban - look out for zinc and copper as they can help to protect your skin from free-radicals, add vitamin C for nutrients and antioxidants.

Arid - use a humidifier at home to up the air’s moisture levels. Add a super-moisturising serum to help lock-in hydration.

Polluted - cleansing is key to rid your skin of grime and pollution. A gentle exfoliant is also ideal and will help keep pores clean and unclogged. Look for products with PHAs as they help deliver antioxidants.

Adaptation Strategies

So, what’s the best way to go about switching up your skincare routine? Is it just another thing to add to your never-ending to do list that actually doesn’t really matter? Well, if you’re serious about your changing skin needs, then you’re right to consider keeping an eye on your skincare regime. Here are our top tips:  

  • During the colder months make sure you up your moisturiser. Look out for ingredients that will help your skin stay hydrated and promote a strong skin barrier
  • Opt for lighter, water-based moisturisers when it’s warmer as this will ensure your skin doesn’t get clogged up with excess sebum
  • Focus on using antioxidants during the summer months when your sun exposure will be at its highest
  • Keep your skin balanced and cared for with products that help keep it healthy - this way, when your environment or the season changes, your skin will be in a good place to start with. Gentle exfoliation and products that maintain the skin’s moisture levels are good options
  • If you struggle keeping up with changing skin needs then a skincare subscription can be a gamechanger. With a MiQuest subscription your skin’s needs will be regularly assessed by our AI-empowered skincare scientists so ingredients can be adjusted as and when needed

Product Recommendations

Now you’re all clued up about why there’s a need for a skincare evolution, what products and ingredients should you be looking out for? Here are a few of our favourite skincare heroes that will help keep your skin looking its best all year round:

Hyaluronic Acid - is able to hold a huge 1000 x its weight in water. That means, when it comes to moisture, this ingredient is key. Look for products that put Hyaluronic Acid at the forefront and you’ll be in good hands to keep your skin looking firm, fresh, and full.

MiQuest Skincare Cream

Retinol - derived from Vitamin A, this skincare wonder increases elastin and collagen, and boosts the turnover of skin cells. The result is skin that looks fresher, younger, and brighter.

Vitamin C - helps to fade pigmentation, protects against environmental factors, and helps to give skin a glow.

AHAs - are great at getting rid of dead skin cells which can give your skin a dull, lacklustre look. This gentle way of exfoliating your skin will leave your skin looking fresh, smooth, and glowing. Glycolic acid is the most common AHA.

Ceramides - help lock in moisture and work hard to protect the skin’s barrier so they’re perfect in winter when you’re battling with factors such as bad weather and central heating.  

Niacinamide - a calming ingredient that is a must in winter. It will keep your skin hydrated and help protect the skin barrier, plus it can also regulate sebum production so if you’re prone to acne it’s a great addition.

SPF - is a non-negotiable. To keep signs of ageing at bay and help protect against skin cancer, you should be wearing it all year round. SPF 50 is the ideal.

Be Flexible

Getting stuck in a rut is something we’re all guilty of. Whether that’s only ever watching the same programme on TV, always walking the same route to work, or using the same skincare products year in, year out. Being stuck in a rut can be comfy, but it’s not always good for us. And for that reason, if you’re looking for skin that exudes health, you can’t simply stick to the same products for the whole of your life - or even for the year.

So with that in mind, isn’t it time you embraced change? Take the plunge and switch your skincare routine up so that it actually helps you achieve the skin you dream of. If you’re struggling to know what your skin truly needs, the MiQuest team can help. Our formulation skincare scientists use AI-scanning technology to assess your skin so that they can prescribe a personalised formulation that’s just right for you.  

What’s more, as you journey on your pathway to better skin, our skincare specialists are on hand to check in with you to see if your ingredients are still right and working hard for you. If your skin’s needs have changed, ingredients can be altered so that your skin is getting what it needs for optimum health.

If keeping on top of your changing skin needs is difficult to fit into your busy lifestyle, the MiQuest subscription makes it easy. Everything you need is delivered direct to your door so you can quickly and easily incorporate it into your everyday routine - morning and night.

Your Own Personal Journey

Your skin is unique. And just as you evolve with age, and in response to the conditions you’re living in, so does your skin. We all fare best when we’re treated to a little TLC - and that’s exactly the same for our skin too. Start your own personal skincare journey and see what you can achieve with a MiQuest subscription. The road to gorgeous, good-looking skin starts today.

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