AI in Skincare: Should I Be Worried?

June 28, 2024
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AI in skincare

Technological advancements are continuously reshaping the way we look after our skin. And when it comes to AI, it’s helped to drastically enhance the personalisation and efficacy of skin treatments. Many have welcomed these advancements in the skincare realm, but many of us are also understandably apprehensive about the use of AI in skincare. Should we be worried?  

This blog will explore how AI is used in skincare here at MiQuest and answer some of your most common worries about AI in the skincare industry. Join us as we uncover the future of skincare technology.  

How is AI Used in Skincare at MiQuest?

At MiQuest, AI forms the foundation of our expertly formulated and bespoke prescription skincare treatments. It helps us to precisely identify what your skin needs and deliver exactly that to address your skin concerns and monitor your journey to alter your prescription where needed. As highlighted in Forbes, "AI-powered skincare platforms can track users' progress over time, allowing for continuous refinement and optimisation of their routines." (Rizvi, 2024).

By using sophisticated algorithms, our AI technology analyses your skin and collects the data to tailor your custom skincare regimen. The use of AI combined with our 50+ years experience of pharmaceutical and digital research enables us to deliver prescribed skincare that really works.  

Whether it’s our prescription melasma treatment or prescription cream for wrinkles, our AI-empowered dermatology is revolutionising skincare experiences.  

Common Worries About AI in Skincare

Let’s take a look at some of the most common worries about the use of AI in skincare:

1. Data Privacy Concerns

A primary concern for many consumers is how their personal data is handled by AI-powered skincare platforms. Understandably, users are cautious about how sensitive data related to skin conditions and treatments is collected, stored, and used.  

At MiQuest, we use robust data privacy measures to ensure your information remains indefinitely secure and confidential. Our systems are designed with stringent encryption protocols and transparency is integral to our commitment to maintain trust and confidentiality.  

2. Diagnostic Accuracy  

Another worry is how much we can trust AI to accurately diagnose skin conditions. No one wants to be wrongly diagnosed, and it’s important to note that AI is not intended to replace the expertise of dermatologists.  

Instead, AI is used to complement clinical assessments by providing additional insights and early detection abilities. Our team emphasise the collaboration between AI and dermatologists which helps to ensure AI remains accurate, because “If a consumer cannot rely on the new technology in the beauty and skincare industries to deliver consistent and accurate results, confusion will arise along the consumer journey, instead of confidence.” (Chang, 2023).

3. Over-Reliance on Technology  

There is concern among many that users of AI-powered skincare will become over-reliant on technology in their skincare routines. Some feel that AI recommendations could encourage individuals to depend too heavily on technological solutions rather than holistic skincare practices or professional dermatologist advice.  

Again, the team here at MiQuest stresses that the use of AI in skincare is intended to complement skincare practices, not replace them. Our goal is to empower you with AI-driven skincare solutions, such as our prescription cream for rosacea, helping you access custom treatments to achieve your best skin yet.

4. Long-Term Effects  

The long-term effects of the use of AI in skincare is another area of concern. Many have questions on prolonged exposure and the accumulative effects of AI-driven treatments. That’s why we’re committed to ongoing research and development to ensure AI remains safe and effective for use in the skincare landscape.  

By staying vigilant and responsive to user feedback and emerging data, we aim to mitigate any potential risks and optimise your skincare outcomes over time.  

At MiQuest, our mission is to use AI to make skin diagnoses and customised treatments affordable to ensure skincare that really works is accessible for all.  

So, Should I Be Worried?  

To conclude, while every concern about the use of AI in skincare is valid, it’s essential to understand how potential risks are mitigated. With measures in place including addressing data privacy with robust protections, enhancing diagnostic accuracy through collaboration, and more, the entire MiQuest team ensures AI is only ever an ally in your skincare journey.  

Together, let’s explore the future of skincare with confidence, knowing that the health and satisfaction of your skin are at the heart of everything we do.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our experts today.  


Rizvi, J. (2024) 'How AI and AR are enhancing the beauty space,' Forbes, 8 April.

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