Elevating Men’s Skincare: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Skin

February 9, 2024
5 min read
Men Skincare Cream

Do you want to switch up your men’s skincare routine with products that actually work? Or perhaps there’s no such thing as a skincare routine in your life right now.

Whatever your reason for wanting to get clued up on skin health for men, we’re here to share what works, the ingredients you should be looking out for, and the best way to include an easy skincare regime into your day.

Men’s Health Skin Care Routine  

It has long been the norm that men’s skincare products have taken a backseat, while skincare for women has taken the driving seat. But things are changing.

According to Statista, in December 2022, face skin treatment for men products had a market value of around £86.5 million. This was an increase of 9.5% from 2021. You don’t need to be a professor in maths to see that these days men are certainly taking skincare seriously.  

Men’s Skin  

So, what products should you be looking out for to get your men’s skincare routine to its optimum best. Well, it all depends on your skin type. There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to skincare for men, so it’s wise to take a little time considering what your skin’s like.

Is it ageing? Prone to acne? Very dry? One of the best ways to find out for certain what your skin is really like is to use the MiQuest AI facial scanner.  

AI Facial Scanning Technology and Scientific Expertise  

At MiQuest, we’re taking skin health for men up a notch. When you sign up for a subscription with us, the first step of the process is to have your face scanned with our AI skin analysis tool. By integrating AI into our process, our prescribers and formulation scientists are able to accurately diagnose and customise a prescription for you.  

The team at MiQuest has over 30 years’ experience dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and prescribing personalised medicines, so when you choose our personalised skincare subscription you’re in safe hands. Whether you’re looking for the ideal men’s moisturiser, an acne skin treatment for men, or a men’s skin pigmentation treatment, we’re the experts to speak to.

Best Skin Care Routine

The trick to getting your skincare routine right is to make sure it’s personalised to you, and as simple and low-key as possible. After all, who has endless spare hours they can dedicate to applying serums?  

Choose MiQuest and you don’t even have to go to the shop to find your products. Your personalised skincare package will be sent direct to your door ready for you to follow the super-simple steps. You will -  

  1. Use three products in the morning: your cleanser, moisturiser, and SPF
  2. Use three products in the evening: your cleanser, moisturiser, and your Q-Stick

What’s a Q-Stick?  

Your Q-Stick is where you’ll find all the personalised active ingredients that have been formulated just for your skin. Depending on your skin type, there’s a whole range of targeted ingredients that could be in it. For instance, your Q-Stick may contain -  

  • Niacinamide - a form of vitamin B3 that improves the skin barrier, reduces inflammation, and helps prevent acne (1).
  • Tretinoin - a retinoid that increases skin cell turnover and helps keep pores clear. Also great at addressing fine lines and wrinkles (2)
  • Azelaic Acid - a naturally occurring compound that helps to brighten and even skin tone, calm redness, and target mild acne (3)

Why Do I Apply the Q-Stick at Night?

If you’re keen to get your skin looking great again we understand you might be tempted to slather on your Q-Stick as often as possible - but don’t! You apply the Q-Stick at night because this is the time when your skin repairs itself.

Without the strain of external stressors such as pollution, sunlight, and any general stress and anxiety you may be feeling in your body, your skin is able to rest and restore. What’s more, some of the ingredients in your Q-Stick may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight so it’s important to let these ingredients do their work at night. Then apply your SPF in the morning and your skin is protected again.

Dry Skin Men’s Treatment

Many men deal with dry skin and that could be exacerbated by their work. If your job means you’re outside in all weathers it can take its toll on your skin. Here are our tips to make sure your dry skin gets the nourishment it needs:  

  1. Before you do anything else, cleanse your skin to get rid of any dirt, impurities and dead skin cells
  2. Now reach for a serum to quench your skin. Moisture-boosting and locking Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient to look out for
  3. If you have dry under eyes, use a targeted eye cream - one that contains ceramides will help protect your skin from pollution and adverse weather
  4. Moisturise - again, look to Hyaluronic Acid and ceramides for extra nourishment
  5. Apply SPF - the sun seriously damages skin and can make dry skin even worse. If this feels like one step too many - look for a moisturiser with added SPF. You’ll need SPF 30 or higher. But never skip on SPF.  

Want Great Skin? Call in the Experts

Ditch the boring shopping trips scouring the shelves for the ideal product (that doesn’t exist because it’s not designed just for you). Forget tiresome skincare routines that take too long. Avoid trying to second guess what your skin needs. Thinking about men’s skincare takes too much effort and when life is busy and stressful there just isn’t time. So, ditch the effort and get great results with a MiQuest subscription.

We’ll be on hand to discuss results, can check in to see how your skin is progressing, and switch up ingredients if your skin’s needs change. All you need to do is apply your three products both morning and evening and let those active ingredients do their work. We know you’ll love the results. Give MiQuest a try today and see for yourself.


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