MiQuest's Skincare Evolution: Meeting the UK's Dermatology Workforce Crisis Head-On

December 1, 2023
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MiQuest's Skincare Evolution: Meeting the UK's Dermatology Workforce Crisis Head-On

Do you know, the UK is in the midst of a dermatology workforce crisis? If you’re one of the 380,000 people who are currently on a waiting list to see a dermatologist for a specific skin condition perhaps you’re aware of the problem.  

In the UK, if you’re going down the NHS route, the average timeframe from being referred by your GP to your initial consultation in your local dermatology department is around 18 weeks. For many people who are dealing with exasperating skin conditions that’s just too long to bear.  

That’s why, at MiQuest, we’ve decided to tackle the workforce crisis head-on and make sure people get access to dermatology prescription-grade skincare products when they need them.  

Where Are All the Dermatologists?

So, what exactly is going on? Where are all the dermatologists? According to a survey by the British Association of Dermatologists in 2010, out of 73 vacant consultant posts 52 were filled by locums. Alongside these figures, the Royal College of Physicians recommend a ratio of 1.6 full-time equivalent dermatology consultants per 100,000 population [1].  

However, there is no city in the country that is meeting this recommendation. London has the highest concentration of consultants at 1.15 per 100,000 but it’s still not enough. With these figures in mind, it’s thought the UK has a shortage of around 250 consultant dermatologists.  

So, if you’re struggling to access dermatology services now you know why. And there are more underlying issues facing the dermatology workforce too - which could be contributing to the low uptake in consultant dermatology posts.

The UK’s Diverse Skin

Another factor affecting the dermatology workforce in the UK is the vast spectrum of skin tones of our population. Surveys show many dermatologists feel inadequately trained to diagnose and treat skin conditions in darker skin tones [2]. This training gap risks poorer outcomes for ethnic minority patients.

If consultant dermatologists don’t feel qualified to treat skin conditions in all skin tones, it doesn’t exactly instil confidence in those seeking treatment. So, what can you do?

Connect with Specialists

If you’re struggling to get a skin concern under control it can be difficult to get the care you need. Perhaps you’ve tried the GP route only to be told you’ll be on a waiting list for 20 weeks.

Maybe you then turned to off-the-shelf topical products and/or supplements to try and get things sorted. If none of these efforts worked and you’re still left with the same skin issues, it can feel like an uphill battle to stay positive. Skin conditions don’t just affect our skin, they affect our self-confidence, self-esteem, and can often lead to anxiety and depression. At this point, it becomes even more difficult to engage with the services that you need to address your skin issues.

That’s why we developed MiQuest.

MiQuest is for anyone dealing with a skin concern that they want to correct. Whether your skin is dark or light, young or old, with our personalised treatment options MiQuest is here to help.

Dermatologist-Approved Skincare Direct to Your Door

Chantelle was experiencing flare-ups of acne that had spread largely across her cheeks and to her forehead. She accessed MiQuest’s personalised prescription formulations and as you can see from the following images, has seen a huge transformation in her skin.  

And the best bit? She was in control of her treatment, accessed the MiQuest service from the comfort of her own home, and had her products delivered direct to her door. She didn’t have to sit around and wait for 20 weeks to be seen by a consultant dermatologist because our pharmaceutical scientists and formulation experts prescribed a skincare solution using AI scanning technology.

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The Power of MiQuest

MiQuest is breaking new ground in its delivery of a personalised, direct-to-customer, skin health management delivery service which is accessible to everyone online. This model is built on top of the teledermatology model - which is a method of using digital images to assess a client’s skin condition so the patient doesn’t need to attend a physical meeting.

The teledermatology model offers multiple benefits for clients, but the team at MiQuest saw how they could take things one step further and use AI-assisted analytical tools to diagnose and care. Adding AI into the mix means speed, efficiency and quality of service is enhanced without any loss of integrity.  

In this article, you can see how integral AI is to the dermatology sector, and how it is helping to revolutionise the way skin conditions are diagnosed. And most importantly, findings have shown that diagnosis via AI didn’t fall below that of human experts and in fact, displayed a higher frequency of accuracy.

Why MiQuest?

Whether you’re a busy professional with little time to spare for appointments, or a cost-conscious person looking for a skin product that will actually deliver on its promises, MiQuest is here for you.

Our skincare experts are highly trained individuals who’ve been working in the industry for over 30 years. They saw a huge gap in the dermatology sector where clients needed treatment but just couldn’t access the services in a satisfactory time frame due to the serious shortfall in consultants.  

MiQuest understands how debilitating skin conditions can be. Whether it’s rosacea, acne, pigmentation, or ageing concerns, they can all take their toll on a person’s ability to feel good about themselves. We wanted to change that. We wanted to give people the power to change their skin for the better, without the waiting list, or the need for a physical appointment.

The MiQuest Routine

When you choose MiQuest, you’ll be prescribed a unique personalised formulation. The routine is simple:  

  • Morning: Cleanse, moisturise and apply SPF
  • Evening: Cleanse, moisturise and apply your Q-Stick

It’s as simple as it gets - but as powerful as personalised prescriptions come. Don’t share it with anyone - your formulation is only right for your skin. By all means - recommend us to your friends and they can get their own personalised formulation.

Next Steps

At MiQuest, we want to help address the dermatology workforce crisis by ensuring patients can access the treatment they need, but we also understand there’s a real need for change in the dermatology sector.  

If you do too, consider signing this petition to make sure the British Association of Dermatologists includes BAME representation in its resources. And if you’re in need of personalised skincare treatment for -  

Start your skincare journey with MiQuest.

[1] Eedy, D. (2015). The crisis in dermatology. BMJ, 350, h2765.
[2] Levell, N. J., Shute, J., Aldridge, R. B., & Colver, G. B. (2011). Dermatology outpatient workload—are consultant staffing levels satisfactory? Clinical and experimental dermatology, 36(7), 739-744.  

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