The MiQuest Journey: From NHS Innovation to Personalised Skincare

January 5, 2024
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Personalised Skincare

On the face of things MiQuest might look like the fresh-faced newborn baby of the skincare world - but don’t be fooled - appearances can be deceptive (and besides, our skin will always look fresh thanks to our extensive knowledge of skincare ingredients). So, while the MiQuest journey might, at first glance, look relatively new, the story began more than 15 years ago. Intrigued? Let us tell you more…

The Beginnings

15 years ago, when most of the world didn’t know about the benefits of hyaluronic acid or niacinamide for skin, and prescription skincare delivered to your door was the stuff of imagination, our skilled formulation scientists were busy innovating, formulating and manufacturing personalised medicines for the NHS. During this time spent working with the NHS, we were fortunate enough to forge close co-development collaborations with leading NHS Trusts and Universities. To say we learned a lot would be an understatement.  

Why MiQuest?

So why MiQuest? When you work in a particular industry for a number of years, you’re able to see the gaps in the system. You become aware of the bits that are missing that - if they did exist - would actually benefit many people and help things run much more smoothly.  

Before we brought MiQuest to life, we became acutely aware that so many people were desperate to find high quality, affordable healthcare for skin conditions. We also saw how many people had to struggle with lengthy waiting times as dermatology conditions always fell to the bottom of the priority list.  

As the years went on, and our experience grew, we began to realise we had the expertise and know-how to find a solution to this growing skincare problem. But we knew we wanted to do things right - we wanted to deliver a skincare solution that had the tools and infrastructure in place to ensure it excelled in the industry, and gave clients exactly what they wanted. To launch something like this would take time.  

Cue 2023. We’ve put the time in, we’ve done the research, we’ve worked it all out. Now,  MiQuest is ready to revolutionise the personalised skincare industry.  

No gimmicks. No fads. No lengthy wait times. MiQuest is personalised skincare at your fingertips. Are you ready?

What’s Different about MiQuest?

We get it. We’re not the only personalised skincare brand out there. You’ve got other options - maybe you’ve even tried some of them. But let’s explain just how MiQuest is different.

If you’ve spent time looking around our website and considering your options, you’ll no doubt have come across the AI element in our business. As AI is relatively new, we appreciate it might seem a little unusual to consider mixing AI with skincare but - believe us - it works.

The idea came to us on a company team building exercise. It was here that we realised the missing piece of our skincare puzzle was, in fact, AI technology. It was a lightbulb moment and one that made so much sense. By combining our expertise in developing and manufacturing bespoke medicines with AI technology we could take things one step further. By using AI, our prescribers would have powerful tools to diagnose and prescribe truly personalised medicines that would work. The process would be quick, the tools used effective, and customers would get what they wanted - with minimal effort on their part.  

Our Credentials

MiQuest is brought to you by a team of highly experienced professionals working across pharmaceutical science and AI. Our team is made up of research scientists, doctors, pharmacists, and professors each of them skilled in a specific area of expertise. Together, we form a team capable of transforming the personalised prescription skincare industry. We believe we are unique in what we do, and that the efficacy of our skincare formulations speak for themselves.

Why AI?

AI technology might seem like something from the future, but it’s not - it’s here now and it’s a powerful tool to be harnessed and used. By using AI, we’re able to analyse your skin quickly and efficiently. AI uses learning algorithms to find regularities from data. This allows it to acquire skills. Even now, AI is being used in the detection of skin cancer, to analyse X-rays, and to help radiologists make assessments. So, if this technology is available - the question shouldn’t really be ‘why AI?’ but actually, ‘why not AI?’

MiQuest is Ready. Are You?

The world of skincare is changing. We’re all becoming more knowledgeable about what ingredients work best for our skin. But how do you know what your skin really needs without proper analysis?  

Forget lengthy dermatology waiting times, forget second-guessing what your skin needs. Let the team of MiQuest experts with the help of their advanced AI skin analysis technology, provide you with the ingredients your skin is craving. Join the skincare revolution and see the difference. We can’t wait to help you.

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